Art and Climate Change

An annual Art History class at UW

This is an annual Art History course at the University of Washington in which we examine art that addresses questions of climate change. The premise of this course is that art and, more generally, creativity will play ever more important roles in addressing local and global changes in climate, not only in finding (creative) solutions, but also in representing attendant problems, deconstructing ideologies, and accommodating the diversified humanistic dimensions of the Anthropocene, intersectional environmentalism and ecology, eco futurism, racism, and climate change justice, including Indigenous art, activism, and scholarship.

Although this is an art history course, students also produced creative and artistic projects, many of which are showcased on this website. They ask where they as students can make a difference, including through community outreach and creative projects, empowering them to become active participants in global change and resilience. Ideally, this website allows students to take what they learned back into their communities, also inviting input from the outside.

Palawan, Tropical jungle rainforest, Wikimedia Commons