UW Data Collaborative: A New Hub for Innovative Data

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The UW Data Collaborative (UWDC) provides the infrastructure to harness innovative, but hard-to-access data for the development of novel, high-quality research and evidence-driven policy making. Central to the UWDC is a state-of-the art computing cluster that provides access to restrictive data in a secure and computationally sophisticated environment. A key objective of the UWDC is to foster collaborative relationships between UW researchers and community partners, including government organizations, non-profits, and other service providers, interested in better utilizing their data for cross-cutting research, program evaluation, and policy development. UWDC’s technical team of faculty and research staff offer high-level technical capabilities in data assembly, record linkage, geographic information systems, data analysis, and program evaluation. The Data Collaborative is hosted by the Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology (CSDE) and founded with generous support from Population Health Initiative and Urban@UW.

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