Atlantiades from Wonder Woman Vol 5 #69

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Atlantiades, known as Hermaphroditus in Classical Greek Mythology, sits on a golden throne. They are framed by foliage, including purple lilac-looking flowers with green leaves and small white flowers. Atlantiades has black hair and tan skin, and is very nonchalant in posture, with one leg kicked over an arm of the throne, and leaning their elbow on the other arm. Their impressive white wings are spread to either side of them. They wear a white toga with blue fabric diagonally across their torso and a blue and yellow belt. There is also blue and yellow trim on the hem of the toga. They have a necklace of large golden beads, earrings, and large gold bracelets. To either side of the throne leans a person who looks upon Atlandiades with worshiping eyes. To the left is a man with curly ginger hair, and to the right is a woman with shoulder-length blonde hair. They both wear a revealing white toga.

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Wonder Woman, Aphrodite, and Maggie (Honorary Amazon) find themselves in a city where people are free to give in to their sexual desires without abandon. The people are influenced to do so by Cupids. After defeating them, Aphrodite determines that the prime suspect is her son, Atlantiades (Hermaphroditus in Classical Greek Mythology). Atlantiades is not happy when the group confronts them. In the following editions, Atlantiades reveal that they felt slighted by their mother taking their power and cult away. They brought their power and kingdom here (Summergrove) so it could flourish once again. After realizing that following desire blindly is dangerous and that sometimes love means risking your power, Atlantiades helps Wonder Woman and Maggie defeat a colossus, even though it may mean never returning to their realm.

The comic was published April 24, 2019.

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