Circe Offering the Cup to Ulysses by John William Waterhouse

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Circe sits on thrown confidently looking toward us with head tilted slightly back, as she outstretches one arm holding a cup and brandishes a sword in her other hand.
Circe brandishes potion and sword.

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In this oil painting, ​​created in 1891 by John William Waterhouse, Circe is seen offering a cup of a potion to Ulysses attempting to bring him under her divine control.

Circe was an exceptionally iconic Greek goddess, noted for magical and whimsical abilities. She used witchcraft, including wand-work and cooking up divine potions with herbs and tinctures.

She was essentially the paragon of archetypal mystical feminine sorcery. Her skills even extend to casting spells that turn people into animals. One story in the Odyssey even tells the story of her turning a crew of men into swine.

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