Black Orpheus (Orfue Negro), 1959

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A snapshot of Brazilian life in the 1950's, Orfeu Negro presents a modern retelling of the legend of Orpheus and Eurydice as viewed by contemporary filmmakers.

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A movie directed by French director Marcel Camus, "Orfeu Negro," or "Black Orpheus," first debuted in France on June 12, 1959. The movie linked in this exhibit is from MovieCollection, and was published on YouTube on August 16, 2020.

The film is a contemporary retelling of the legend of Orpheus (Orfeu, in the film) and Eurydice, and is set in the context of a favela in Rio de Janero. While the film is a faithful retelling about Orfeu and Eurydice, there are elements of Brazilian culture and history infused with the myth. The film is also well-known for producing Bossa Nova songs by Antonio Carlos Jobim, that remain popular today.

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    Marcel Camus
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    The Criterion Collection
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    Dispat Films (France) Gemma (Italy) Tupan Filmes (Brazil)
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