Thetis Dipping the Infant Achilles into the River Styx

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Oil painting showing the goddess of the sea, Thetis is destined to bear a son mightier than his father, Zeus. Thetis and mortal, Peleus produced their son Achilles who indeed is mightier than his father. As an infant, Achilles was dipped into the River Styx, to make his body invulnerable. Thetis held Achilles by his heel, which was not touched by the water of the river. Achilles grew up and survived many great battles. He was killed by an arrow guided by Apollo into his vulnerable spot during the Trojan War.

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The goddess Thetis dips infant Achilles into the River Styx, one of the rivers of the Underworld. Painted by Peter Paul Rubens between 1630-1635 17.3 x 15.1 in (44.1 cm x 38.4 cm).

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