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  • A warm-up activity to get people comfortable talking with one another
  • Can be used as an icebreaker in meetings or for a fun break

Facilitation Instructions

  • Facilitator begins with a description of the activity, and models how it is played.
  • Activity is played in pairs. Person A is from the year 1713 and has no idea about today’s world and technologies. Person B is themself.
  • Facilitator chooses an object that Person B will describe to Person A in 3 minutes. Person B will describe what is is, how it was used and any other information about it.
  • After 3 minutes person A & B switch roles and describe a different object..
  • Facilitator puts people into pairs in Zoom breakout rooms and times 3 minutes, giving a broadcast when it’s time to switch roles. Facilitator calls everybody back into the room after 3 more minutes.

Time/Commitment Needed

  • Icebreaker/ Warm-up Activity


Stokes for Design Thinking

Additional Information

  • Sample objects: headphones, stapler, USB thumb drive, white board marker
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