Affirming Strengths

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  • Take an appreciative stance to identify peer strengths
  • To identify what is working and affirm the positive characteristics of the group.

Facilitation Instructions

  • Each person takes a piece of paper or digital slide and writes their name on it. Pass the paper to the left, or rotate slides. Each person should now have a paper/slide with somebody else’s name on it.
  • Each person writes one strength or positive characteristic they’ve noticed about the person. You can +1 other comments or add additional detail, but make sure participants each add a comment of their own.
  • The game is complete when you get the paper/slide with your name on it back.

Products Generated

  • A list of strengths/positive characteristics for each person participating.

Time/Commitment Needed

  • Icebreaker/Warm up Activity
  • Facilitation tool/supplementary activity


Joel Gardner, Reflections on Learning Success

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