Connecting Stories

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  • A fun way to get people to share stories, while helping learn similarities or common interests.

Facilitation Instructions

  • The first player begins by sharing an interesting memory or experience that they have. For example, one player can say: "One time, I accidentally locked myself out of the house, so I spent the entire day at the coffee shop."
  • Any other person can tell a related story that has any similar themes or elements to the previous story. For example, the next person can say, "I love coffee! Every day I drink 3 cups of coffee and it sometimes prevents me from being able to sleep at night."
  • The next player, based upon the previous story shared, can say something related such as: "I don't sleep much at night because I play lots of computer games until early in the morning."
  • To help the group remember each part of the story, write a few words on a post-it note or shared electronic document for each player of the story line.
  • Consider having a designated prompt. For example, "That reminds me of a time..." or "Picking up on your theme of..." This can help participants transition into a new story.

Time/Commitment Needed

  • Icebreaker/ warm up activity
  • Low time commitment


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