Golden 5 Brainstorming

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  • To individually brainstorm and collectively narrow down possible ideas

Facilitation Instructions

  • First Round: Everyone will get 5 minutes to individually brainstorm as many as ideas as they can then will select their top 5 personal favorite ideas.
  • Second Round: Pair up with a partner and share each others top 5. Then collectively, choose a new top 5 from the 10 ideas.
  • Third Round: Team up with another team of 2 and repeat the process
  • Fourth Round: Everyone comes together and comes up with a collective top 5. This is our “Golden 5”
  • You can come up with new ideas at any time during the process, just make sure at end of each round you have a top 5

Products Generated

  • 40+ individual ideas on a specific theme, narrowed down to the top “Golden 5” .


Created by Pablo Villeda-Echeverria

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