Image Still from the Dance Project "Finding Our Way Back Forward," By Sarah Schafer & Company

Finding Our Way Back Forward

Understanding Climate Change and the Role of Technology through Dance

In this project, I aimed to demonstrate that art and embodiment, and particularly dance, can allow us to affectively understand the massive societal changes of climate change and impacts of digital technologies. Specifically, I aimed to show that embodied connection with others and with nature is critical in understanding and moving through societal crises, and that technology can present both challenges in goals of justice and opportunities for change when used carefully. My project includes both written arguments and an embodied dance practice.

This is a highly personal project for me, as I am very passionate about all three areas, climate change, technology, and dance, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to explore their intersections. I was also greatly inspired by many different incredible artists, dancers, thinkers, and theorists for this project.

Please see my written work below, to understand the ideas that went into framing my project, the inspirational artists that inspired my work, and the reasoning behind my performance art piece. You can also see the performance piece itself to the right.

Special thanks to Ally Lam, Noor Hasan, Iva Dhooria, and Aliyah Cleveland for participating in this project, and thank you for taking the time to engage with my work!

Images by Sarah Schafer




  • original title
    Finding Our Way Back Forward: Understanding Climate Change and the Role of Technology through Dance
  • publisher
    Sarah Schafer
  • series title
    Art and Climate Change
  • volume
    Volume 2023