Guest People

Hakka Identity in China and Abroad

by Nicole Constable

The essays in this volume analyze and compare what it means to be Hakka in a variety of sociocultural, political, geographical, and historical contexts. Among the questions raised are how history is used to create a sense of Hakka Chinese identity within the Hakka diaspora; how Hakka identity is linked with social class and economic factors; how Hakka gender roles and communal egalitarian values have shaped Hakka culture in Malaysia; why a sense of Hakka identity has diminished in certain parts of Hong Kong and not in others; how concepts of self and other are expressed in the Hakka community in Calcutta; how Christianity has been incorporated into Hakka identity in Hong Kong; how and why Hakka identity has experienced a reawakening in Taiwan during the 1980s and early 1990s; and how Hakka identity was of relevance in the Chinese communist revolution and continues to be important in contemporary China.


Guest People will be of interest to sinologists and scholars of Asian studies as well as to anthropologists, sociologists, and others concerned with ethnicity, migration, nationalism, and the cultural and historical construction of identity.

Studies on Ethnic Groups in China presents research from a wide variety of disciplines on ethnic groups and ethnic relations in China. Anthropologists, historians, geographers, political scientists, and literary scholars have contributed works on minority ethnic groups from various regions of China, as well as on the majority Han and their relationships with other groups. Works are both historical and contemporary and cover topics ranging from identity, local relations, folk literature, and religion to medicine, governance, education, and economic development. The open access editions of many of the books in this series were made possible by a grant from the Transformation Fund of the Kenneth S. and Faye G. Allen Library Endowment.

Series editor: Stevan Harrell


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