The Mill on the Floss

An Anthropocene Edition

by George Eliot
Contributors: Megan ButlerFrancesca ColonneseRachel DusinAverie FreundMara MinionZenia Rios

This edition recontextualizes Eliot's The Mill on Floss in the Anthropocene, highlighting key passages that take on new resonance in light of human disruption of the Earth System. It includes a critical introduction, annotations, suggestions for further reading, and additional resource collections. Prepared by Megan Butler, Francesca Colonnese, Rachel Dusin, Averie Freund, Mara Minion, and Zenia Rios for Jesse Oak Taylor's English 440/529 course, Spring 2020. If you would like to add your own notes to our edition, we ask that you that you mark them as private annotations.

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Introduction: An Anthropocene Edition

Novel: Main Text

  • The Mill on the Floss

    by George Eliot
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Further Reading

Annotations Guide

Probability and the Order of Nature

Contributed by Megan Butler

Temporality and Adherence to Anthropocentric Time

Contributed by Francesca Colonnese

Determinism, Choice, and Agency

Contributed by Rachel Dusin

The Human and the Nonhuman

Contributed by Averie Freund

Evolutionary and Developmental Theory

Contributed by Mara Minion

Realist Fiction and the Uncanny in Nature

Contributed by Zenia Rios

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