Museum of Greek and Roman Mythology, Su '22

CLAS 430 Summer 2022

The Museum of Greek and Roman Mythology is a digital instantiation of a museum in the original sense of a place for the Muses and the arts they inspire. Additionally, it is a museum in the sense exemplified by the Museum of Alexandria: a place for scholars to engage in research.

This museum consists of both a collection of media related to Greek and Roman myth and a collection of scholarship on these mythological media produced by the students of Classics 430.

Visitors to the museum are encouraged to take a tour through the places and spaces of Greco-Roman myth and explore their divine and mortal inhabitants through the collections of texts and resources.

Background image: ruins of the Temple of Olympian Zeus at Athens, Jan. 15, 2006, CC BY-SA 2.5

Cover image: Oedipus and the sphinx, Attic red-figure kylix, ca. 475 BC, Gregorian Etruscan Museum, Vatican City



  • Cover of Zeus


    by Qitong Liang, Sena Aberra, Yu Li
    • This text has 32 annotations
    • This text has 2 highlights
  • Cover of Hermaphroditus


    by Nadia Matveeva
    • This text has 5 annotations
    • This text has 0 highlights
  • Cover of Circe


    by Grace Anna Beasley, Jennie Jeon
    • This text has 9 annotations
    • This text has 1 highlight
  • Cover of The Fates/Moirae

    The Fates/Moirae

    by Katie Ruesink, Brandon Durland
    • This text has 10 annotations
    • This text has 0 highlights
  • Cover of Apollo


    by Brenner Tahimic Philbrook
    • This text has 13 annotations
    • This text has 4 highlights
  • Cover of Penelope


    by Marie La Fond
    • This text has 1 annotation
    • This text has 0 highlights