Middlemarch 150th Anniversary Symposium

A Collaborative Edition in Celebration of the Novel

This edition is to celebrate and commemorate Middlemarch's sesquicentennial anniversary and the conference held by the University of Washington 18/19th C Research Cluster. We invite you to annotate with us.

To get started, follow these direction in this order:

Alternative video instructions available here.

Join our “Middlemarch Conference Participants” reading group at this link: Middlemarch Conference Participants Reading Group Invite

You will need to either log in to Manifold or create an account--that link will give you the option to do either.

Once you join the reading group, all annotations will be listed here.

To Annotate a Passage:

--Select the text

--Manifold will give you a pop-up menu from which you can select “Annotate”

--After clicking “Annotate,” you will get a side window in which you can add your commentary.

--Be sure to pick “Middlemarch Conference Participants” from the drop down menu below the text box.

--Once finished, click "Save"

Click here to see a sample annotation!

To Edit or Delete an Annotation:

--Click on your annotation

--Click “flag”

--Click either “edit” or “delete”

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